The Preciousness of Time, A Bit of Drama and some randomness….

I think it’s been a while since I’ve been so heavily impacted by the content of a song as Timothy Brindle’s track #13 on his Killing Sin CD: The Preciousness of Time.

Time Wasted
In light of the many things going on in my life right now, it has even greater significance. I posted on the lampmode discussion board that I weep inwardly when I think of this song.

I grieve over the time I’ve wasted down to now. Time in relationships destined to go nowhere, time wasted on relationships that should’ve ended a long time ago, time wasted not pursuing holiness, time wasted, time wasted, TIME WASTED!

You FOOL… God can come and take your time.

These words really echo back at me. I have a letter I’ve been meaning to write for over a month now – to someone who is lost and needs to understand why she feels ‘guilty’ every time she comes into a church.


I’m looking now even at just ‘work’. December 6th will be here before I know it – and that’s the evening of my band’s winter concert. It’s been a bit of a struggle getting them ready – and now I think back, I should’ve given them the Christmas music sooner. So instead, I’m giving them dumbed-down music in 3 parts just to ‘get by’. I think I’m going to write an additional part to go with it and make it sound fuller.

Brother Charles, We Miss You

Chucky’s funeral was long, but well done. I really didn’t mind the time – I know that at the end of the eulogy by Pastor Fuller, 30+ folks raised their hands when He asked the question across the congregation about whether or not folks wanted to have a relationship with Christ, so pray for fruit from that.

Chucky was 37. His B-day was on the 26th of October – four days before mine. He has two daughters and two sons and a loving wife. I could *look* at both of them and see how much they loved each other. It was truly a God-honoring thing. I remember going over to Chucky’s house (at the suggestion of my then-girlfriend) to spend time bonding with him. We played X-Box…. and talked about marriage, relationships and such. Not too much talking…just some time ‘away’. We had a few more times we spent talking, but not as much as I should have. I’ll take some blame on that one.

I’ll be helping put together a video for his wife of him and the life he lived so that Chucky Jr. can see it when he gets older and know what a great man his daddy was. That’s a very cool honor. I spent some time looking at the video of the church cookout from last year with the video I have and was like ‘wow’…Chucky cookin’ on the grill :) Did I mention the brother was a phenomenal cook ? G. Garvin ain’t had nothin’ on this man.

Chucky’s only been a believer since 2001, incidentally. He and his wife were married 3 years. In that 3 year timespan, he touched HUNDREDS of lives. And everyone knew he loved his wife and kids. The church was almost out of chairs (and NSBF seats about 350 or so) because the sanctuary was packed out.

I don’t think I mentioned how he died, which had to do with his heart. In a nutshell, the brother had high blood pressure (or higher than normal), he was choking on something and while straining to get it out, he blew out a heart valve or two. The good thing (I’ve heard) from it is that many of the men at my old church are now getting their health checkups :) A lot of them are married, so that’s a good thing. Yes, yours truly got his cholesterol checked that Friday before the funeral. My blood pressure’s been good, but I’ll see the results at my next doctor’s appointment on 12/9.

An even GOODER thing…. is that my brother is now home with the Lord.

Old Church Drama

Speaking of my old church, there’s drama in that area…. but all that on another blogpost. I have a letter to write first.

Then again…. since I’m on the subject: a small message to those reading who may be associated and tempted to tell folks ‘he talkin’ bout the church on the his website’ without approaching me about it….- Matthew 18.

And when you quote me to someone, be sure to quote EVERYTHING and not simply ‘ascribe motives’ to me based on your faulty interpretation.

And be sure not to LIE and present it like it’s something ‘one-sided’ – at the end of EVERY blog entry on this part of the site is a little selection that says ‘Leave a Comment’ – and if you go back through, you’ll notice, some people have taken FULL advantage of that. So if you have a problem and believe I’m biblically in error in talking about something, feel free to crack open the scriptures and either hit “Leave a Comment” and post it publicly so folks will see the ‘other side’, or hit the front page of this site, hit the ‘feedback’ link and send an e-mail to me with your concerns.

And if all of that is too hard: Feedback (at) Theologically Correct dot Com. Or Kerry (at) Theologically Correct dot Com.

My e-mail address still works if you have a problem – approach me as a brother in Christ and not as a gossiping unbeliever. Non-Christians talk about each other behind each others’ backs or ‘pass stuff on to other folks’ so they can amass a following of people who are just as angry as they are.

I would approach you personally about this, but since you’ve chosen to simply ‘pass messages’ on to folks, I don’t know who you are. So you’re getting called out publicly. I was told that a ‘few people’ were upset. So all of you (plural) have the same invitation. We can sit with a copy of my blog entry that you have problems with and discuss all of it, not just selected phrases it seems you forwarded along to incite confusion and animosity.

Step into the light. I still live in Ellicott City and if you have an old church directory from last year or at least the middle of the year, you should still have my address (the number’s wrong, though). If not, it’s available if you ask the right people. Along with my current phone number(s).

And if THAT fails, I’m the Band Director and Music Department Chairman at Thomas Johnson Middle School right down the street from the church. A few folks in your congregation (at least 2 families) have kids that attend TJMS. My work number is 301-918-8680 and I’m at extention 276. I’ll have an answering machine hooked up shortly, since we don’t have voicemail, but leave a message and your name. I’ll call you back and we’ll have a nice Christian discussion. If your motives are honest and upright and you’re not simply seeking to gossip, step forward.

If not…. there is a God and He doesn’t approve. And if you know enough to find my blog, you know me. So you know I have no problem speaking my mind whether in person on otherwise. And if you saw me at Chucky’s funeral and spoke to me, you really have no excuse. It doesn’t take much to exchange phone numbers and tell me you have something you want to talk with me about.

Now the person who DID I approach me ala Matthew 18, I respect and have talked with already. I have a letter to write back to him PRIVATELY and a statement to post on this site (since something on this site was a part of the discussion and he was offended), as I told him. With him or NSBF as a whole, I have NO BEEF and only pray for grace and peace upon.

My public statement in full, I will do on another post.

Back to happier subjects. :)

One Day, I’m Going To….

I’ve been saying “I have a fish tank, I’m going to get an aquarium”, but taken forever (1.5 years) to do so. I spent $26 and got it all hooked up today. The tank’s running now as I type this. In another day or three, I’ll buy the fish (after the water’s been properly conditioned). I figured I’d roll with tropical fish.

But it’s something I said I’d do… and I’m doing.

Next up….. church, praise and worship, music….Lord willing, I may be able to get this locked down tommorrow.

I had an interesting conversation today (which I will not divulge the details of), but I think I’m at the point where I know for sure that I need to get ‘wife-hunting’ (for lack of a better term). Not just ‘look’, but get serious about it. Time is ticking.

Possible grad school in the Spring. Starting to make phone calls next week…. and possibly set up appointments. I’ll be glad when this concert is over with….

After that, who knows ? I may even get a chance to update the main site….

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  1. You sound a little heated there bruh. If there’s a wedge being formed between you and your old assembly, I pray the Lord heal it.

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